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Trichocereus Cactus Care Sheet

Trichocereus Cactus Care Sheet

*Updated 7/29/17*


Trichocereus Cactus Care Sheet

**Your cutting should be placed in dry soil until rooted, then watered sparingly**

**If there is any sulfur (yellow powder) on the cut end of your cutting(s), wash it off before planting**



*I like to use a mix consisting of  around 5 “parts”


(2) parts Cactus Soil

(1) part Coco,

(1) part Pumice

(.5-1) part Perlite (depending on how fast draining you’d like your mix to be)

The soil I recommend and typically use is E.B. Stone's Cactus Mix, but if you can't find that Supersoil Palm and Cactus will work as well. It has some already included sand/perlite/pumice for excellent drainage. I like to lighten it up with the pumice to make it free drain just a little more though, making it almost impossible to end up with rot. If pumice is not available in your area it can be substituted with perlite, but I like pumice a lot better because of its ability to hold its shape rather than breaking up and eventually compacting like perlite tends to do over time.


Full sun to partial shade. In my experience the more sun the better.


Water when the soil goes dry approximately 2-3 inches below the soil surface, use your finger to check. Every area has different conditions and because of this there are no set rules when it comes to watering, but sparingly rather than excessively is a good rule of thumb. I like to remind people that trichocereus are not desert cacti, and can be watered pretty often. The Andes Mountains in Peru rains for a short period almost every day. As long as your mix is well draining enough, these cacti appreciate water.

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