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Plumeria Cutting - Sunburst Orange/Red - (10-12" Cutting)

$ 16.00

This beautiful Plumeria was originally brought back from Hawaii by my long term neighbor and friend. It is a gorgeous Orange/Red Sunburst color pattern and like all Plumeria, they smell amazing!

Plumeria are known for being used in Hawaiin leis because of their beautiful and fragrant flowers that range in color from yellow, to orange and red like these. It is widely believed that they are native to Hawaii but they were actually brought over by Franciscan botanist Charles Plumier (1646 – 1704) who discovered them on his expeditions to South America. Plumier's other noteworthy plant discoveries include: Begonia, Fuchsia, Lobelia, and Magnolia. 

*** You will receive a 10-12" cutting similar to the ones pictured in the group, oftentimes with two tips, rarely three***

---Plumeria spp. FAQ---

Temperature Range: 50-85 degrees F will provide blooms.
Soil: Well draining, rich, organic soil. Cactus soil with added compost would be ideal. Ensure plenty of phosphorous for good blooms. (Phosphorous is the 2nd number on the NPK listing on all fertilizers. For example, with product saying it contains 10-20-10 the '20' would be the phosphorous level.)
Light: Full sun, 6+ hours of direct sun per day
Height: 20-40 ft; under ideal conditions.
Blooming Season: June - November; or whenever the weather is warm.



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