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VARIEGATED Pereskiopsis! (4-6" cuttings) [MUTANTS]

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***(1) 4-6 inch cutting of Variegated Pereskiopsis***

Perskiopsis spathulata is one of the few cactuses that has leaves. It's also the most commonly used grafting stock for small cactus seedlings.

This is an amazingly beautiful mutation on the original, all-green pereskiopsis. I have a few different variants, some are very white/yellow (see second pic) and others have more green. If you buy multiple you are sure to get a mix.

These cuttings are all around 4-6" and are grown in the shade to make sure that they have tips soft enough for grafting. Not sure if you'd want to graft to these or not as they are a beautiful plant, but I'm very curious to see if it would make a difference at all grafting a variegated plant to them....

Anyone who has grown these before knows that they root extremely readily in either wet or dry soil. They are unstoppable growers! :)

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