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T peru “Grandfather” x T peru “Short Spine Peru” SEEDS

T peru “Grandfather” x T peru “Short Spine Peru” SEEDS

$ 10.00

T peru “Grandfather” x T peru “Short Spine Peruvianus”

Two extremely beautiful peruvian torch’s crossed together. The reverse cross is available as well 

T peru “Grandfather” has a very unique and interesting story. A friend has a good friend that is Peruvian. His Grandfather came over to the US with nothing but a backpack and a few belongings. He also brought a cut of this legendary peruvianus.

T peru “Short Spine Peruvianus” (aka Verne’s “Fastest”) is another great looking peruvian that many have suspected to be a pach. I still personally think it has many distinct peru traits, regardless it is a great looking Tricho. 



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