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Aloe Polyphylla [Spiral Aloe!] in 3.5" Pot

$ 24.00 $ 40.00

This is a very rare and desirable succulent. 

These plants are in a 3.5" pot, well filled out.

Forms a single, low-to-ground rosette that has a grown pattern that actually spirals! Some of them end up spiraling clockwise, and others counter clockwise.

Such a unique and amazing plant, truly one of my favorites in all of horticulture. 

Does well with partial shade in my experience. I keep them under shade cloth and they are thriving. 

**Will be shipped in pot to avoid shock to the plant**

**You will receive a plant much like one of the ones in the tray picture**

***Last two pictures are NOT my plants, just large mature specimen, showing the spiraling pattern***

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