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"Columns" Mallacht's Plants T-Shirt - (Blue)

$ 19.00 $ 25.00

"Columns" Mallacht's Plants Shirt - (Blue)

Become a part of the Mallacht’s Plants family with an official T-shirt! This fun, authentic, and original design by an integral member of the Trichocereus community is perfect for any lover of columnar cacti, like our favorite the Trichocereus genus. Printed on a high quality, premium blue cotton for exceptional durability and comfort, a “Columns” t-shirt truly begs the question: “Do You Even Cactus Bro?”

The first image is the front of the shirt, featuring the "Columns" logo and the second image is the back of the shirt, which has our devilishly clever slogan “Do You Even Cactus Bro?”.

Front: "Columns" logo

Back: “Do You Even Cactus Bro?”

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