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"Tricho-top" Mallacht's Plants T-Shirt (Blue)

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"Tricho-top" Mallacht's Plants Shirt - (Blue)

Become a part of the Mallacht’s Plant family with an official T-shirt! An original design by an integral member of the cactus community, this unique image is printed on a high quality, premium blue cotton for exceptional durability and comfort. This shirt features a detailed graphic image of an aerial view of a beautiful Tricho cactus. From the detail to the vibrant color scheme, a "Tricho-top" T-shirt is a must-have for your spring gardening wardrobe.

The first image is the front of the shirt, featuring the "Tricho-top" logo and the second image is the back of the shirt, which has our devilishly clever slogan “Do You Even Cactus Bro?”.  

Front: "Tricho-top" logo

Back: “Do You Even Cactus Bro?”

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