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[Hybrid] T peru x T bridge "the Mallacht cut" (10-12" MID cutting)

$ 65.00

***The MIDS in the 1020 tray are merely examples of what most of these look like. The cut you will receive will be similarly sized***

One of my favorite Tricho cuts of all time and the first one I got around 10 years ago. This cut is very special to me, it is named Mallacht Cut for good reason.

T peruvianus x T bridgesii

X = Crossed with

Many in the community have commented that this cut looks very similar to T. bridgesii 'Lumberjackus'. This would make sense considering that many have theorized that Lumberjackus is a Peruvianus x bridgesii hybrid as well. However, we have an even thicker cut of Lumberjackus available which has led us to believe that they are indeed separate clones/cuttings.

A very fast-growing Trich with a nice blue hue if grown in the right light. :)

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