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Sceletium tortuosum, Kanna plants [SUCCULENTS] [ROOTED, 3.5" POT]

$ 18.00

Rooted Kanna cuttings. These are well rooted, 1-2 rooted plants per pot. They are rooted in 3.5" square pots. They may or may not have flowers on them depending on the time of year.

Soil Notes: I have surprisingly found through much trial and error that Fox Farm Ocean Forest works best for these plants. I used to put them in my usual cactus mix which is about 40% Fox Farm anyway and they definitely suffered a lot more. I’ve also tried various cactus mixes straight out of the bag, Fox Farm is definitely way better. I was really surprised that they even rooted straight into it, even though it is known for being a hot (nutrient-rich) mix.

The last pic is a tray of examples of the plant(s) you will receive. :)

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