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T peru “Short Spine Peru” x T peru “Show Quality” SEEDS

$ 10.00

T peru “Short Spine Peruvianus”: 

(aka Verne’s “Fastest”) is great looking peruvian that many have suspected to be a pach. I still personally think it has many distinct peru traits, regardless it is a great looking Tricho. 


T peru “Show Quality”:

This amazingly beautiful Peruvian Torch was acquired over 10 years ago at the Orange County Cactus and Succulent Society's (OCCSS) annual show and cactus sale. The buldging whiteness at the aereoles make this particular Peruvian Torch a real beaut to look at. Those central spines are pretty brutal and amazing.   

***The first group of pics is “Short Spine Peru” and the more spiny ones are “Show Quality Peru”



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