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1. How long after placing my order will I receive my package?

Cuttings require a 7 to 10 day period after being chopped to callous before they are suitable for shipping. Oftentimes the cuttings are pre-calloused and can be sent sooner but generally expect at least a good 5 days before your cuttings are sent, and another 3-5 before receiving them. The moment your label is printed, tracking information will be emailed to you and viewable on the USPS website.


2. Where are you located? 

We are located in sunny Southern California, USA.


3. Does Mallacht's Plants ship Internationally?

No, shipping within the US only. (Hawaii included of course)


4. Why was I overcharged for shipping?

We send most packages in Small, Medium, or Large Flat Rate Boxes with USPS. Usually the shipping engine gets things right but occasionally there is an overcharge. Don't worry though, a refund for the difference will be issued ASAP.

5. When will new cuttings be posted on the Mallacht’s Plants website?

Cactus cuttings are posted as they become available. Please check back often for inventory updates. To be notified immediately when postings become available, join our (absolutely awesome) Facebook group: The Mallachts Plants And Your Plants Group

6. Can I order additional products or cuttings by directly messaging or emailing Mallacht?

We do not accept side orders or do deals through personal message. All stock and items that are available for sale can be found on the website, or for auction in The Trichocereus Named Cultivar Auction Group

7. Which methods of payment are accepted?

Accepted payment methods include use of credit or debit card directly through the website: Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club debit and credit cards, as well as BitPay, Coinbase, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

*We Also accept Venmo!* If you have any questions or concerns regarding paying for orders or if you wish to pay with Venmo, email Mallacht’s Plants customer service at: and Mallacht will be happy to help you out!

8. What is the refund policy?

Our products are carefully packaged and shipped. Generally refunds are not necessary but occasionally packages and items are damaged during shipment. If you have questions or concerns about a cutting, please contact customer service at: and Mallacht will assist you. 

***Please Note: Refunds/exchanges due to anything other than severe damage to cuttings will generally not be accepted, as per the nature of them being live plants. If you feel your plant(s) are damaged beyond being plantable, we require detailed pics of the damage within 48 hours of receiving them***


9. What are the best gardening gloves for cactusing and the ONLY ones that will protect me from brutal cactus spines? 

Well that's easy and I'm glad you asked! The HexArmor ThornArmor Cactus Gloves are the best cactusing gloves ever!


10. Where can I find more information about cactus and gardening?

For tips and tricks, guides, and videos from Mallacht himself, refer to the Grow School page. Further original content about cactus care, grafting, etc. will be released in the near future both here on the website and on the Mallacht's Plants YouTube Channel. Also be sure to like Mallacht's Plants on Facebook. It's best to learn about cactus and gardening with the help of a community, and an absolutely great one is the The Mallachts Plants And Your Plants Group, so go join! 


11. Why do some of my cacti have small amounts of scarring or discoloration?

These are outdoor grown plants. They are grown organically with care, however, sometimes they do end up with some beige-colored scarring on the sides. This is from the columns swaying in the wind and scraping up against each other. Occasionally there is a bit of dry mold (harmless) on the cut end(s) as well, or a bit of an orange tinge. As long as the callous point is hard and not soft or squishy, it is perfectly ok. These plants are very resilient and in 99% of cases, you shouldn't sweat the little things.


12. Why does my plant/cactus have bugs on it? 

Once more, these are outdoor grown plants. They are grown with care and like any professional horticulture business we do use IPM (Integrated Pest Management) in an attempt to keep insect numbers down. However, it is relatively impossible to ensure that every single cutting doesn't have insects of any kind before sending. We will never send an infested plant. If you do see insects and need advice on how to get rid of them, feel free to email us at


13. What happens if a "Return to Sender" is processed on my package by USPS?

When we print your shipping label, it is as simple as clicking a button that says "Print Label". Then, the exact information that you put into the website for your address is printed out. With this in mind, if your package is returned to us due to an error in the address, additional shipping costs will be the buyer's responsibility. 


14. Where can I get totally awesome Mallacht's Plants T-shirts and stickers?

Right here on the Mallacht's Plants T-Shirts page!