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Mallacht's Plants - News and Updates:


A quantity limit of (2) will be enforced on ALL Trichocereus cultivars, with the exception of "PC". This is to deter businesses or resellers from buying up all of our stock. Mallacht's Plants is not a bulk distributor and does not intend to be.

The Mallachts Plants And Your Plants Group: The Official Mallacht's Plants Facebook Group :) WE DO GIVEAWAYS EVERY MONTH - GO JOIN!
      The Trichocereus Named Cultivar Auction Group - Where we do auctions
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Do You Even Cactus Bro?

At Mallacht's Plants our mission is to provide you with the highest quality rare plants available at affordable prices. We will always endeavor to keep the quality high, and the prices low.

Mallacht's Plants - Serious Cactusing

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