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Friends of Mallacht's Plants

Mallacht's Plants YouTube Channel - The Offical Mallacht's Plants YouTube Channel

The Mallachts Plants And Your Plants Group - The Official Mallacht's Plants Facebook Group!

Mallacht's Plants on Facebook - Mallacht's Plants Facebook Page

Trichocereus and Echinopsis Growers Worldwide - on Facebook

Agacactus - Awesome Cactus T-shirts! 

Sacred Succulents - Legendary nursery in Northern California

Trout's Notes - Keeper Trout, Renowned Trichocereus Expert - Legendary writer, breeder, and Trichocereus documentarian Patrick Noll's website.

The Ethnobotanical Garden - Shroomery's Ethnobotanical Garden Forum

The Corroboree (SAB) - The Shaman Australis Forums

Kohres Kakteen - Crazy Awesome German Cactus Seed Site

TrichEmer Gardens - A friend that sells some beautiful Trichocereus, legit cuts!

Brisco's Tropicals - A good friend than runs an AMAZING tropicals site with many extreme rarities

Earthways Nursery - My good friend Jason that sells some super legit Trichocereus and other cacti, amazing plants!