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T peru x T bridge "the Mallacht cut" (10-11" Tip cutting)

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T peru x T bridge "the Mallacht cut" (10-12" Tip cutting)

One of my favorite Tricho cuts of all time and the first one I got around 10 years ago. This cut is very special to me, and named Mallacht Cut for good reason..

T peru x T bridge

X = Crossed with

Many in the community have commented that this cut looks very similar to T. bridge 'Lumberjackus'. This would make sense considering that many have theorized that Lumberjackus is a Peru x bridge hybrid as well. However, we have an even thicker cut of Lumberjackus available which confirms that they are indeed separate clones/cuttings.

A very fast-growing Trich with a nice blue hue if grown in the right light. :)

***Pictures are merely examples of the cultivar, your cutting will be similar***

***UPDATE: I also now have large mother plants of Mallacht Cut and Lumberjack in-ground directly next to each other. I can confirm for certain that they are unique plants, and would honestly guess that they came from the same batch of seeds, or at the least similar parenthood. 


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