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Hylocereus undatus, Dragon Fruit "White Flesh" - [ROOTED CUTTING, 3.5" POT] - Self fertile variety!

$ 16.00

Interesting story with this one:

Once upon a time…. I had a heck of a time finding a self fertile variety of Dragon Fruit. I went through 3 different varieties before I finally found this one. I grew them each all the way to maturity and everything, reaching the top of my trellis and wall. Once I discovered that they wouldn't bear fruit (2-3 years later on each of them) they got ripped out and I started over.

Until, one day…. I finally found a legitimate self fertile variety. So you guys get to benefit from almost 10 years of searching to find an actual self fertile variety! :)

As you can see in the pics this one fruits readily, and the fruit is DELICIOUS! 

These cuttings are well rooted in a 3.5" pot - The second pic is examples of the plant(s) you will receive. 

The last two pics are very recent fruit that is actively ripening.

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