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Mallacht's Pupping Powder (250g)

$ 59.00

Induce pupping with Mallacht's Pupping Powder!

This is a revolutionary new product, nothing else like it on the market. I have tested it extensively (see pics of insane pupping on several Tricho cultivars) and it definitely works, very well. 

***Pics of some of the cultivars I’ve used this on are shown in the following order:  

-“Huarazino” from the Chavín Herbalists collection

-“MT03” aka “Woody” from the Aplantis collection

-(2) different “Ogun” grafts ***


-Sprinkle on freshly cut tops of columnar cacti 

-Extreme pupping should happen in as little as 3 weeks, sometimes 4-8 weeks.

This powder contains the same percentages used in our Pupping Cream:

-1.5% 6-Benzylaminopurine (BAP)

-0.02% GA-3 (Gibberellic acid)

(All horticultural hormones used are lab grade)

(Store in a cool, dry place.)

6-BAP is a plant hormone that influences growth and development by stimulating cell division. 
GA-3 (Gibberellic acid) is a plant growth regulator that is important for cell elongation and plant growth. When applied to areas of active growth, pupping cream has been found to force the induction of new pups.
Each order contains:
-(1) 250g of our custom Pupping Powder mix
-(1) Shaker with handle (to apply to the cut top of columnar cacti)

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