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T pach "Hutchison 1597" (10-12" Tip cutting)

$ 125.00

From Trout's Notes:

"Material came from Huancabamba Prov., Piura Dept., Peru. [Link 1] [Link 2]
Paul C. Hutchison collected this as live clones during the late 1950s. "

Originally acquired from Sacred Succulents.

*A bit of damage here and there from previous thrip damage. I know for a fact there are no thrips now as they have been thoroughly sprayed 3 times, 5 days apart with Spinosad which is OMRI certified organic. :) 

These cuts have already been dusted with my Hormodin3 (rooting powder) and sulfur mix so it should be ready to start growing

*The flat shown is an average example of multiple flats of cuttings*

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