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T pach “KK2150” x T peru “Short Spine Peru” SEEDS (Very Limited Quantities)

$ 12.00

T pach “KK2150” x T peru “Short Spine Peru” 

KK2150 x SSP

Another one of the first crosses with “Shaman’s Garden”! 🙌

***Very Limited Quantity On This Cross!***

T pach “KK2150” is one of the many cacti grown from Karel Knize’s field collected seed, hence the “KK”

T peru “Short Spine Peru” (aka Verne’s “Fastest”) is great looking peruvian that many have suspected to be a pach. I still personally think it has many distinct peru traits, regardless it is a great looking Tricho

***The first group of 4pics (after the main pic) are examples of “Show Quality Peru” and then the other 4 pics after the seed pic are of “Shaman’s Garden”.





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