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T pach "LER" (10-12" Tip cutting)

$ 55.00

Grown by The Mallachts Plants And Your Plants Group's very own Michael Jackson! (aka Lee Jackson) :) 

This is a NON-PC (Predominant Cultivar) T pach

LER stands for Legendary Ethnobotanical Resources, a now defunct Ethnobotanical supplier from back in the day. This is a beautiful and fat T pach that has relatively small spines that are sometimes reddish at the tips. This is known to flower very readily, even at relatively low height! The one pictured is only around 2 ft and has tons of flowers!

T pach is native to the Andes region of Peru.

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*****PLEASE NOTE: The first picture is merely a picture of the cactus beginning to flower, it is just an example of what they look like when they are flowering. Your cactus will likely not come with flower buds on it.

*****ALSO NOTE: Sometimes the LER will have some beige colored scarring on them. This is unavoidable as it is from the tall columns (sometimes 16 ft or more) swaying in the wind and stabbing/scraping against each other. The last few pics show examples of what I mean by this scarring. If this is not suitable for you, please do not order these cuttings. Or you can email us and we'll try to pick out the least scarred ones we can. I can assure you though, they all grow out as perfect as the next, it makes no difference. Once your cactus is a few ft tall you won't even notice the base at all.

As is stated in our FAQ:

***Please Note: Refunds/exchanges due to anything other than severe shipping damage to cuttings will generally not be accepted, as per the nature of them being live plants***


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