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T peru “Show Quality Peru” x T peru “Shaman’s Garden” SEEDS

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T peru “Show Quality Peru” x T peru “Shaman’s Garden” 


Two extremely beautiful peruvian torch’s crossed together. I believe this is one of the first Shaman’s Garden crosses. 

T peru “Show Quality Peru” (SQP) - This amazingly beautiful Peruvian Torch was acquired over 15 years ago at the Orange County Cactus and Succulent Society's (OCCSS) annual show and cactus sale. The buldging whiteness at the areoles make this particular Peruvian Torch a real beaut to look at. The central spines are pretty brutal on this one. 

T peru “Shaman’s Garden” is a clone that was grown from seed collected in shaman’s garden in Peru. A very special and rare clone that is highly sought after.

***The first group of 3 pics (after the main pic) are examples of “Show Quality Peru” and then the other 4 pics after the seed pic are of “Shaman’s Garden”.





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