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The Beautifully Beefy Bridge “BBB” (4-pack) Bulk Bargain Box

$ 140.00 $ 160.00

One of our most popular cacti: T bridge “BBB” (originally from Bouncing Bear Botanicals) now in a 4-pack of 10-11" cuttings! (See main pic)

As you can see in the main pic, this is the most that can be safety fit into a Large Flat Rate box with USPS. So not only is it more than a 20% discount on our usual BBB single cutting rate, but you are also saving money on shipping. :)

They’ve got a beautiful blue hue and long-spined. These are the exact same cuts that Bouncing Bear Botanicals sold many years ago.

**Please note that there is no one clone of "BBB" - this is why I titled the listing: "[the BBB cut]" The story goes like this.... Many many years ago I ordered 4 of Bouncing Bear Botanicals' bridges, then a few months later I ordered 10 more or so as they were having a killer deal at the time that I couldn't pass up. I planted them all in ground. Keep in mind this is before people even cared so much about cultivar names. You had your pach, bridge, and perus and that was all people really talked about. As the years went on I noticed that there were phenotypical differences in the various BBB I had. I soon realized that Bouncing Bear Botanicals clearly grew these from seed. People have asked me many times how many unique BBB cuts there are. I really don't know tbh but if I had to guess, around 6-8***

***Pictures are merely examples of the cultivar, your cutting(s) will be similar***

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