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The Beautifully Beefy Bridge “BBB” (4-pack) Bulk Bargain Box

$ 140.00 $ 160.00

One of our most popular cacti: T bridge “BBB” (originally from Bouncing Bear Botanicals) now in a 4-pack of 10-12" cuttings! (See main pic)

More about T bridge “BBB”  can be found on the individual listing, here:

As you can see in the main pic, this is the most that can be safety fit into a Large Flat Rate box with USPS. So not only is it more than a 20% discount on our usual BBB single cutting rate, but you are also saving money on shipping. :)

They’ve got a beautiful blue hue and long-spined. These are the exact same cuts that Bouncing Bear Botanicals sold many years ago.

***The main pic is merely an example of 4 BBB cuttings that you could receive. They were picked at random from a large group. The cuttings you receive may vary a bit but will be held to the same basic standards***

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